TJ Enterprises

We introduce our self as Delhi based IT company, involved in development of software, web applications and web sites, HTML coding, ePub conversion, font development, large scale scanning and digitalization of archive manual records, creating keyboard layout, doing data entry work, making data entry software, developing transliteration software, making report software, drawing computerized maps, doing server management and data management, making ID cards & Smartcards. We are also working as training, support and service agency for some leading software brands.

Products & Services



We have developed transliteration and Translation engine, which have capabilities to transliterate/translate text files / database from Urdu to Hindi and English or vise versa.

1. TJS Hindi to Urdu Literary Translation

2. TJS Hindi to Urdu Literary Transcription/Transliteration software

3. TJS English to Urdu Dictionary software

4. TJS English to Urdu Database converter

5. TJS Hindi to Urdu Database converter

6. TJS Urdu to Hindi Database converter

7. TJS Urdu to English Database converter

8. TJS Urdu to English Converter Controls (DLL)